About Us

Translation Laboratory was set up by Search Laboratory, a global digital marketing agency, to meet the market need for localised websites that are built for digital marketing from day one.

Search Laboratory was founded in 2005 to provide a more auditable, ethical and statistical approach to digital marketing, and to fill the gap in the market for a linguistically faithful approach to multilingual campaign management.

Translation Laboratory was launched in 2016 to meet a growing need for SEO-ready multilingual websites. By combining tried and tested SEO methods with high performance and high-quality translation workflows, we are able to provide a new offering: market-ready optimised website translation, aimed at maximising our clients’ ROI.

The Team

Ian Harris – CEO null


Ian began his career in programming. He went on to develop internet based systems; including a bespoke job system for managing translation services. This led to him being appointed as Chief Technical Officer for one of the world’s largest web localisation companies.

It was in this role that Ian witnessed many large organisations struggling to build search campaigns in other languages: either by translating keywords or by using a student intern to do the necessary work. Ian created Search Laboratory to fill this gap in the market and to provide a dedicated multilingual search marketing service. Ian’s approach was to use scientific and mathematical methods to improve the efficiency and profitability for his clients in any language – an approach that remains core to Search Laboratory’s suite of digital marketing services, and has led to the company growing to over 120 employees delivering services to over 100 clients from offices in Leeds, London and New York.

Ian has successfully helped companies such as British Airways, IBM, HSBC and Novell tap into new markets, and take their websites abroad.

Nicola Carmyllie – Managing Director   null


Nicola holds an MA in Interpreting and Translation, speaks various languages, and has been working in the localisation industry for 17 years.

Formerly heading up operations for one of the top localisation companies in the world, she has worked with large clients such as Honda, Hitachi, Huawei, GE, Electrolux, IBM and Lenovo. In addition to setting up offices in China for two years, she has also worked in New York and brings a wealth of international business experience.