In-depth knowledge of your sector

At Translation Laboratory we understand the specific cultural needs of your target market and how to address any challenges specifically related to translating content in your industry.



The retail industry is known for being particularly fast moving; the faster products can be made available, the more users will engage with your site, leading to more success for your brand.

Accessing new markets is a great way for retailers to expand and increase their client base and an optimised, translated website will be a requirement. Some retailers add hundreds of new products and descriptions each day, so it’s important that the translation process can keep pace and ensure products go to market as quickly as possible.

When you work with Translation Laboratory, in addition to our 15 years’ experience of building high-performance workflows, you also benefit from our investment in state-of-the-art automation tools. This means we can deliver your products to the market in the shortest timescale, without compromising on quality.



The travel and tourism sector is a key industry for Translation Laboratory as increasingly travel is advertised – and purchased – through online media.

In such a highly competitive industry it is important that the translations are both fast to market and accurate, as well as being highly commercial in order to attract high visitor volumes and conversion rates.

There are often regional variations of languages, such as German for Germany versus Swiss German, or French for France versus Canadian French. Variations are often regulatory as well as linguistic, as there may be different local travel regulations in force that the content needs to address.

Similarly, imagery can convey different messages in different countries and has to be culturally appropriate to avoid giving offence. Please see our blog post about this here.

By selecting Translation Laboratory as your partner you will benefit from our optimised translation offering which will ensure that not only is your website translated in a promotional style, sensitive to local cultural norms, it will also be optimised and ready for market.



Providing translations for the manufacturing industry needs an experienced localisation partner.

As production levels rise so does the volume of content that needs to be localised within short time frames to ensure launch dates are met. Having highly scalable solutions in place is key to delivering your content accurately and on time.

At Translation Laboratory we have a large database of qualified translators available to work on your projects, as well as various in-house tools to speed up the process without compromising on quality, all whilst keeping costs down.

There are different aspects a manufacturing company should consider when looking to localise content across various media such as websites, presentations, training videos, product specifications, technical documentation, drawings or health and safety documentation. Writing style will differ according to the media type and intended user, but also technical aspects such as metric or imperial measurements may also need to be localised.

One thing that does need to remain consistent however is terminology. Our expert team understands how important it is to keep terminology consistent across all your marketing and technical collateral, especially since some of the terms may be new terms – even in the source language.

In many cases the website will be the hub from which all content is accessible: optimising the content for search engines will help your customers to find you easily.