International SEO

Deploy a Market-Ready Website, Fully Optimised to Beat Your Local Competitors

At Translation Laboratory we have a team of over 50 SEO experts from technical analysts and migration specialists to content marketers experienced in delivering valuable content and links across the world.  Our heritage in international SEO means that when we translate your website you get:

  1. International keyword optimisation in advance of any content being translated.  Our mother-tongue search marketers use the latest tools and techniques to build a search engine optimised keyword set in each language, mapped to your site structure so that the translation process delivers market-ready translations. SEO keyword development is not performed by translators and translation is not performed by our search marketing team.  These are entirely different disciplines but most translation companies leave the translators to research keywords using basic tools and keyword volumes.
  2. Professional human translation aided by the latest CAT tools.  Our translators are internet marketing experts and qualified to the highest level in translation.  Your English website is crafted and conversion optimised for battle with your English competitors so you need an optimal multilingual site to do battle in each target country.
  3. Tiered translation.  Pages of your website fall into different categories, from converters, credibility builders, PPC landing pages, information blogs, link acquisitional blogs, product pages, user-generated content (UGC) pages etc., and these may require a different translation approach. Because of our background in search marketing, we understand that main converting pages need an entirely different translation approach to that of user-generated content.  The converters require in-language conversion optimisation for example, whereas a free machine-translation may be appropriate for UGC.  We will ensure your site is as profitable in each country as possible while keeping your translation costs to a minimum.
    The original English language landing page
    Translated and localised French landing page
  4. Built-in international technical SEO.  Our technical SEO team will ensure that the language site that we deliver to you for deployment is optimal for indexing on the local target search engines.  This extends to forming all of the HREFLANG code correctly and ensuring that the language selection mechanism allows all language pages to be indexed correctly and that the pages receive maximum authority and trust flow.
  5. Translation memory built into the workflow.  When engaging with a translation company and a separate SEO process, future updates to pages always cause problems whereby the translation memory continually overwrites SEO updates designed to rank your site.  Because our processes are integrated, this never happens so you receive all the cost and consistency benefits of translation memory while your SEO is retained at all times.
  6. Optional content marketing, PR and link building in each language.  We have helped some of the world’s biggest brands build website authority and trust in other languages.  To dominate on search engines in any market you need a quality back-link profile.  Please ask for a market assessment so that you can see the power of the competitors that you need to beat in each target country.

When you engage with Translation Laboratory we don’t just translate your website.  We use your English language site as the master to efficiently create language sites that will work for you in your target markets.  Please contact us to find out more.


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