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Successfully launching your business into new global markets

Successfully expanding your business into new global markets requires translating your website into local languages: 75% of website visitors prefer to buy products in their native language, and 60% of visitors in countries where English is not the primary language will “rarely or never” buy from English-only websites.

Translation Laboratory was set up by Search Laboratory, a global digital marketing agency, to meet the market need for localised websites that are built for digital marketing from day one.

Translation Laboratory works with clients with ambitious growth targets, who understand that competing internationally requires website translation services that are designed for SEO from the ground up.

Delivering a website with authentic local content – a localised website, as opposed to a website that has just been translated word-for-word – is a prerequisite for anyone looking to compete in international markets.

The traditional process for website translation involves a literal translation from one language into other languages. This results in website content that does not conform with local idioms, cultural norms, and buying preferences – one which fails to gain the confidence of the local market.

It also leads to website content that does not rank highly in local search engine results, leading to low levels of website traffic and missed business growth targets.

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Optimised Translation

Traditional approaches to localising and optimising web content have always assumed two separate workflows were required using two different specialist vendors.

One vendor would provide translation services, the second vendor would then apply search engine optimisation to the translated website.

This approach is inefficient and expensive.

By blending the benefits of website translation and search engine optimisation using our specialised in-house teams, we have created a new service that avoids all these issues and has SEO techniques woven through the entire workflow.

Our clients know that their translated site will start delivering measurable ROI from day one.

International Project Management

Our project managers ensure your website is delivered on time, on-budget and fully optimised for local search engines.

In addition, we provide direct access to world-class digital marketing teams in our sister company, Search Laboratory.

Search Laboratory offers all aspects of digital marketing including Content and Online PR, PPC, Programmatic and Display marketing, Social Media Marketing, and a team of data scientists that provides leading-edge analytics and data services to some of the world’s best known brands.

Cultural adaptation and transcreation services

Creating highly relevant content for your home market that promotes your brand and products is a key objective for any content marketing strategy. Simply translating that content into another language for a new target market will not deliver optimal results without also adapting the culture. This adaptation often requires a much more creative process. At Translation Laboratory we offer a Transcreation service to cater to this need.

Transcreation is a completely separate service to Translation; instead of translating source text into other languages, Transcreation is the process of directly generating content based on a project brief. In effect this is a native copywriting service in your target languages, using mother-tongue copywriters who are based in country. The benefit of this service is that the content is 100% target-culture appropriate, whilst maintaining the desired brand messaging.

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